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"omg why are you crying?" "the economy, bro"

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the best of hot occupations, side by side.

I’d have no self control around them..

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So this hot substitute logged into netflix and I wrote down the email with which he did it and used a service (it cost like $2) to find all other accounts connected to that email and I found his (private) twitter so I made a fake twitter of a hot girl and added a bunch of tweets over the course of a month to make it look legit and then I requested to follow him and he let me and he is the most goddamn boring person in the world

you need to be arrested

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the gay agenda

or as i call it

the homoschedule 

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that is the most relevant thing Rita Ora has done with her career

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I can do it!
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I can do it!

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Zac Efron at the MTV Movie Awards 2014.

I am foaming at the mouth

I am foaming at the pussy

If you’re “foaming at the pussy” something’s wrong..👀

LOL that comment though

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